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PEAK’s production department thrives to produce a high-quality AI product for the GENEX, Alta and Jetstream brands and other third-party clients. This requires a diverse team consisting of livestock specialists, lab technicians, veterinarians, and researchers.

We offer internships across our production locations in the USA and Canada where you will learn world-class cattle genetics, progressive male reproductive solutions, and advance your knowledge of a Global AI Center business.

As it takes a variety of people to produce a good quality product, we offer two types of internships:

We offer three types of internships:

Lab & Research

You will enhance your knowledge about the cattle AI industry by working side-by-side with laboratory and research staff, as well as other interns at different production sites. Through the experience, interns will gain skills and competencies in semen evaluation and processing, the cryopreservation process, and our intensive quality control program. Each intern will complete a project related to semen production and quality that will require use of knowledge acquired and good analytical skills.

Bovine Management

Interns will spend each day alongside our highly qualified and trained livestock specialists and learn about caring for bulls and the semen collection process. They will enhance knowledge about biosecurity in AI centers, health testing procedures, nutrition, calf development, and the other aspects that can affect semen production. Each intern will complete a project related to bull health, nutrition, or semen production.


Individuals working with the PEAK Genetics team will accelerate their knowledge about bovine genetics. Interns work to identify potential areas of genetic opportunities within an ever-changing global market of dairy and beef cattle producers. They will enhance their ability to understand genetic principles, interpret data, and develop matings to better the next generation of cattle. Interns will complete specific projects that focus and align with their goals and interests.

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