The most powerful bovine genetics provider in the world!
Fertility Focused.
Results Driven.
PEAK focuses on continuous innovation to enhance fertility, genetic output and efficiency


Your source for the most powerful dairy and beef genetics



Your source for the most powerful dairy and beef genetics



Supports internal customers with beef product and program innovation



Innovates and introduces new bovine genetic products and enhancements for our companies to market with confidence


Mission Statement

We develop sustainable cattle for our global clients using exceptional animal care and innovative technologies to provide superior genetics and high fertility semen.

How This Combination Creates PEAK Power

The Genetics team identifies top bovine genetics. The Production team coordinates pick up of these sires, moves them into quarantine, then isolation, which ultimately lands them in the resident population. Sires are individually cared for and are collected routinely. The semen is processed with meticulous detail to ensure the highest fertility products possible.

PEAK improves the genetic output by sourcing and propagating the best bovine genetics. PEAK’s key focus is on continuous innovation to improve output and efficiency. Our external supplier program is designed to use PEAK outlier males to create complementary additions to our genetic product.

With site locations in multiple countries, the Production team unifies approaches in all aspects of management. From infrastructure improvements to gain efficiencies to developing the best-in-class approach to labor safety and animal welfare. The core of the PEAK Production team has remained consistent and constant through the years of AI: maintaining biosecurity thresholds to meet regulations and maximize product eligibility for export.

PEAK values are

We build a sustainable future
for the next generation
We do the right thing.
No games. No politics
We make unbiased decisions,
in our client’s best interest
It is not about me, it is
about our organization
We love what we do
Farmer’s Spirit
Nobody will outwork us,
and we do what we say
We want to be the best
in everything we do